We appreciate how tough things are at the moment for many Waterford businesses and we want to help you.

During the first lockdown we supported the development of www.ewaterford.com, an online store where you can sell your products completely free. We have taken over the administration of that site and are developing Waterford’s online discount store. This is the perfect opportunity for you to sell your excess or sale stock and the great news is we’ll do everything for you and it won’t cost anything.

Whether you already have your own website or have none at all, it doesn’t matter. We put the buyer directly in touch with you to complete the sale, so there are no third party fees involved. Waterford Chamber are committed to marketing the site and encouraging online traffic and you can also get involved through your own social media channels.

Here are the steps:

  1. Let us know you want to be involved by emailing info@waterfordchamber.ie
  2. We will contact you directly for information and images.
  3. We will create your online account and post your products.
  4. Start making money.

Your doors may be closed or footfall at a minimum but that shouldn’t stop you trading. Let us help you.