10% OFF Corporate Christmas Gift Vouchers at the Fitzwilton Hotel

Fitzwilton Hotel Gift Vouchers

Are you the owner / manager or a company? Why not gift a Fitzwilton Hotel voucher to your employees this Christmas?

Under the Irish Government Small Benefits Scheme, employees can receive a gift voucher up to the value of €500 (that cannot be converted into cash) completely tax free each year.
What a great idea and a lovely way to say thank you after such a difficult year. https://bit.ly/3oWhopU

Are you an employee of a company/organisation? This offer is available for you too. Purchase a Fitzwilton Hotel gift vouchers for your loved ones this Christmas. Gift vouchers can be used towards accommodation or dining at the 4* Fitzwilton Hotel.

And please remember, that under Level 5 restrictions the Fitzwilton Hotel continues to remain open for Essential Workers. We understand that when travel is essential, accommodation is needed. Stay safe with us at the Fitzwilton Hotel.

T: 051 846900. E: info@fitzwiltonhotel.ie W: www.fitzwiltonhotel.ie