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Cultural Awareness in Business Workshop

SEBIC Cultural Awareness Business Workshop

Helping Irish Companies succeed on a global stage

About this Event

With or without Brexit looming, Irish companies looking to scale and grow focus on exporting to the EU and beyond.

In February 2019, the EU accounted for 48% of total goods exported of which Belgium and Germany were the biggest export markets. Total EU exports in February increased by 12% compared with February 2018.

This workshop, developed and delivered by Sharon Dehmel aims to give participants an enhanced awareness of culture as an issue of importance when dealing with clients or colleagues from different backgrounds and the ability to recognise the impact of culture on how different cultures communicate, persuade and give negative feedback in a business environment.

About Sharon Dehmel

A multi-lingual, Irish-born, MBA-qualified consultant, coach, trainer and teacher, Sharon's fascination for everything intercultural developed and grew during her 16 years living overseas where she has dealt with cross cultural differences daily.With experience in a range of business environments, she has witnessed first-hand the potential for misunderstanding, frustration, loss of business opportunities and failure to meet deadlines when people don’t fully connect because of cultural differences. Learn more about her on

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“We found the Toys 4.0 Engineers exhibition to be an excellent platform for us to showcase our business. The attendees were exactly the people we hoped to meet and we are delighted to have made new contacts as a result. We also unexpectedly had some success in making supplier connections with other exhibitors. The venue was ideal with adequate sound and space and the presentations were informative. Overall the event was professionally run and we had an excellent experience. We will definitely be exhibiting again next year. I cannot recommend the event highly enough.”

Emma Lacy, Marketing Manager, Horan Automation & Consulting



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