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Is your business adequately protected against modern exposures?

O Leary Insurances Details

Directors and Officers:

Are your directors and officers covered against wrongful acts, defamation, and frivolous lawsuits Legal expenses cover is available but is generally only up to a small limit of €100,000 & may not be sufficient for your needs. Why not consider a purpose made D&O policy to offer protection and piece of mind if things go awry.

Employment Practices Liability:

Do you have a policy in place to deal with employee-related issues and grievances? These types of legal actions can be protracted and costly to a small business, and anyone who employs staff would be making an excellent business decision by considering a policy in this area if they don’t already have one.

Crime Cover:

Are you covered against theft, crime or dishonesty against your business? Crime is a major consideration in recent times for virtually any conscientious business owner, especially third-party computer and funds transfer fraud in the current digital age – are you covered?


If your business is impacted by a cyber hack or ransom attack, do you have a contingency plan and good insurance cover in place? Modern Cyber policies offer health checks on your IT framework ensuring it is secure and fit for purpose along with a comprehensive advisory service for when things can, and do, go wrong.


Do you have a property policy in place, to cover your premises for perils such as fire, storm, flood etc? This is a very worthwhile cover to consider if you operate out of a premises to ensure you are protected against such threats.

Business Interruption:

In the event that disaster strikes, example a fire damages your building and forces you to close, are you covered for the financial loss that ensues until you get yourself back up and running, be it repairing your current premises or relocating to a new building (property insurance would only cover the physical damage and not the resultant loss of earnings).

Professional Indemnity:

Do you offer professional advisory services in exchange for a fee? If you do - a PI or Errors and Omissions policy is paramount in the event of a claim arising out of the course of your professional services to your clients.


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“Tom Murphy Car Sales Ltd has been a member of Waterford Chamber of Commerce for over 25 years. It’s a membership that serves us well as we find it gives us a platform to interact with similar businesses and puts us in front of a wide audience. Having staged a number of very successful Chamber events, both at our dealership on the Cork Road and at venues chosen by the Chamber, it really puts into perspective the value of networking and meeting with potential customers face to face. We intend to continue the partnership between Waterford Chamber of Commerce and Tom Murphy Car Sales into the future, as the results speak for themselves and we see the value in being a member of Waterford Chamber.”

Tom Murphy, Tom Murphy Car Sales



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