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Legacy Cider LongWays CiderThe amalgamation of Legacy Cider and LongWays Cider sees duo of Liam Mc Donnell and James O Donoghue coming together to strengthen their presence on the Irish market with an extensive range of Irish craft ciders. Both cider makers have wide-ranging experience in the craft cider industry which has been reflected in the numerous award-winning products each have produced.

Liam is 3rd generation apple grower, his grandad Wilsie McDonnell grew apples in West Waterford in the late 1950s. His dad Pat McDonnell became a Doctor in the study of apple production, developing his own apple tree under the brand ‘Coronet The Miniature Apple tree’ and Liam has been continuing the Legacy by captivating their 70 year heritage in a bottle of premium Irish Cider.

James is a Tipp man from Carrick on Suir. He is the apple man behind LongWays Cider. His family’s 25-acre apple farm in Clonmel has been producing some of Ireland’s best cider apples for 22 years. Surrounded by nature, the orchards are also home to sixteen Irish honeybee colonies that pollinate the entire orchard. This year James has invested further in his business by adding another 12 acres of innovative dessert apple for cider and juice production.

This exciting merger will bring together the brains of two of the best cider makers in the south. It is a win -win for both businesses and also for cider lovers as the cider creations from these two will be something special!

James is taking over as Production Manager; he believes in the terroir of the cider and is an avid cider maker. For his Ciders he has won Gold, Silver and Bronze awards in Blas na hEireann, Gold and Silver at BBI UK, Sliver & Bonzes at Cider World Germany and a Great taste award. “As a lover of nature, growing apples and my passion for fermenting the apple into a wonderful cider that catches the terroir in a bottle, I’m delighted to focus fully on producing high quality ciders and give Liam the commercial side of the business, which he clearly has a passion for.”

Liam will look after the business side of things “I am excited to have James on board with me, his knowledge and expertise in the blending and new product development will be of huge benefit to both brands. I’m so looking forward to seeing what we can both bring to the table when we combine our individual cider making skills.

This merger will bring a guaranteed supply of top-quality apples from orchards in Waterford and Tipperary. “To make top quality cider the first place you start is the terroir and the apple and we have full control over both of these” says James.

Both brands will continue to trade under their respective brand names, so it is business as usual for the consumer and in the background joining forces to create a stronger business in the new market conditions ahead.

For more information contact Liam McDonnell 086-6494724 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Travel Creations

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 our Waterford shop along with the rest of our company has been in lockdown with each staff member working remotely.

During this period the lease on our shop in Lisduggan has expired. Along with many other businesses Covid-19 has forced a major re-think on how our company operates. For this reason we have decided that going forward we will continue to serve our many Waterford Area clients remotely.

Please be assured that our company which has been in business for over 150 years will continue to provide the highest quality advice and service to all our many repeat Waterford customers.

It is important to stress that our company is well resourced, fully licensed and bonded in accordance with Government Regulations through the Commission for Aviation Regulation (CAA). We are also long-time members of the International Air Transportation Association (IATA) and the Irish Travel Agents Association (ITAA), and continue to work closely with both organisations.

We trust that this alteration will not inconvenience you, and wish to emphasise that both Caroline and Brian are fully accessible at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We are contactable via phone at 051 375737 however due to line transfers calls will be unavailable until Monday; and also we have the option to speak via Zoom by appointment.

Should you wish to discuss your next trip face to face, both Caroline and Brian are available to meet you by appointment.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.

Solas Services June July 2020A prominent sign facing the Williamstown roundabouts in Waterford (one of the busiest in the county), informs passers-by: “While our doors may be closed, we are still here to support you.”

In a message also highlighted on their website and social media platforms, it’s the Solas Cancer Support Centre’s way of reminding people in Waterford and the South East that throughout the Covid 19 pandemic and attendant restrictions that the charity organisation has adapted its services to ensure that people affected by cancer, their families and carers continue to be supported.  

Just over three months ago, on the 13th of March, the Solas Centre’s premises in Waterford entered a period of being closed to the public. It was a necessary move, in line with public health guidelines and also included a temporary cessation of its services in Dungarvan.

In the meantime, Solas continues to offer free support remotely. The team at Solas have been able to do so in three main ways:

  • a phone support service offering support and information, 
  • welfare checks with existing clients and
  • a phone counselling services with existing and new clients.

Over the next few weeks the Solas Cancer Support Centre in Waterford and its support service in Dungarvan are planning to resume direct engagements with the public.

Manager of the Solas Cancer Support Centre Tracy McDaid has confirmed a re-opening date and advised of what’s continuing to happen in the meantime:

“Like so many more in the community we serve, the Solas Centre has been through a very challenging time. As evident from our social media and other channels, we have had massive support in the intervening period – amid a determination among the team and the Trustees to ensure we continued to be there for people.”

“In common with so many businesses and services around us, we are preparing to re-open the Solas Cancer Support Centres in Waterford and in Dungarvan. The main focus of our plan in that regard is around client safety and confidence. We are informed in this planning process by the government’s ‘Return to Work Safely Protocol’ and the National Cancer Control Programme’s advice on the safe re-opening of cancer support centres around the country”

“In Solas, we will continue to offer our remote services in the medium term (phone us on 051-304304 or see The date in mind to re-open the Centres in Waterford and Dungarvan to the public is Monday 20th July’.

Whilst the Solas Centre’s premises was not in its customary use over the last three months, its Board of Trustees offered use of the building to the nearby University Hospital Waterford (UHW). Chair of the Solas Cancer Support Centre Board of Trustees Dee Jacques confirmed a short term arrangement for its use is in place :

“Being such a central part of the community in city and county in Waterford and being cognisant of the health needs of the South East at such a critical time, in addition to continuing our services remotely we are very keen to play a part in the wider pandemic management effort. We have always had a close, working relationship with our neighbours at University Hospital Waterford – who of course provide excellent cancer treatment services for the region. In the early stages of what has been a very effective response to the Covid 19 in the South East, we contacted management at UHW to offer use of the Solas premises. We are pleased to be taken up on the offer by UHW General Manager Grace Rothwell and delighted to facilitate a short term arrangement for an outpatient clinic to take place in the Centre. As an voluntary organisation funded by the community, it is wonderful to be able to see the Centre used in this way.”

Home Instead Isolation COVID 19A recent report from The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing (TILDA) found that 45% of people over the age of 75 reported feeling lonely some of the time and 38% of people with dementia said that they have lost friends after their diagnosis.

While COVID-19 has had a detrimental effect on almost all of society, those over 70 years of age have been heavily impacted. While many of us were and are still taking sensible precautions by social distancing, for older people, cocooning was a more extreme measure put in place for those as they were in a high risk category of severe illness from the virus.

COVID-19 has disrupted many support services for older people such as day care centres and respite facilities, increasing feelings of loneliness and isolation. There is also a risk of secondary impacts on people’s health due to them not seeking help due to fear of the virus. Age is also a factor as research suggests older people are more impacted both physically and mentally by loneliness than younger people.

Steven Tubbritt, Home Instead Senior Care Waterford says now that society is slowly opening up it is important to reconnect and engage with older people. “We know that people with more social ties have better general health, are less depressed, live longer and are less likely to develop dementia.”

“The past three months have been particularly hard on older generations and their feelings of loneliness and isolation were further exacerbated by the fear of COVID-19. Family members may have not been able to see their elderly parents or neighbours as often and may have stayed away to stave off the spread of the virus.”

“Now that we are less restricted, it is crucially important to be there for an older family member. Simply engaging in stimulating social activities can slow cognitive decline and the progression of dementia.”

The figures surrounding loneliness and isolation are quite stark with evidence highlighting that older people experiencing high levels of loneliness are almost twice as likely to die within six years, compared to those who are not lonely. Loneliness has been associated with a broad range of adverse psychological conditions including anxiety, depression, substance abuse, social deviance, lower social skills, a more critical view of self, and perfectionism. 

Steven added, there are things all of us can do to help alleviate loneliness. “Exercise is a great tonic, so if you can get out for a socially distant walk regularly with Mam or Dad or encourage them to get out for at least twenty minutes a day. Exercise is vital for brain health, as when we exercise, we process short term memory.”

“If you have returned to work and cannot be present as often, engage with them through technology. If they have not already embraced technology, help and encourage them to. Studies indicate that learning new skills helps to maintain brain health.”

“To help alleviate feeling of loneliness and isolation, there is nothing better than offering your time and company. However, if you cannot spend time with an older family member, ensure a carer, neighbour or another family member can.”

Home Instead Senior Care provides services to seniors in their own homes and is approved by the HSE. Its CAREGivers help clients maintain their independence by assisting them with activities of daily living such as personal care, meal preparation, laundry, shopping, and light housekeeping.

Home Instead Senior Care has taken a wide range of measures aimed at protecting its clients, staff, and CAREGivers, in the face of COVID-19.

If you have any concerns about a senior relative during these challenging and unprecedented times you can call Home Instead Senior Care on 051 333966 or visit

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