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Irish Tech Company develops safe way for people to get back to pubs, restaurants and shops

OrdeeAs the government has outlined their plan to get hospitality businesses open, many still wonder how this will work? For members of the public how will they know if a pub, restaurant or shop is safe to enter? How many people are inside and is that premises adhering to the safety guidelines? For pubs, hotels and shops, how do they monitor numbers in store in real time and how do they ensure that they are adhering to the guideline for the safety of their staff and customers?

Say hello to Ordee. This innovative Irish start up are on a mission, “to get hospitality & retail back to business, safely” says Anthony Cronin, CEO and Co-Founder, a Tallow resident and former Waterford Young Entrepreneur of the year for the international award winning Flexiwage Application.

“Ordee” allows publicans, restauranteurs and retailers to put their energy into their passion, while the GPS based App ensures that their venue is remaining compliant with “Return to Work Guidelines”. The cloud based platform will allow owners to easily document and broadcast their venues compliance and availability to their customer base. “It’s critical that venues can re-engage with their customer base, while at the same time ensuring everybody can have a great and safe night out” assured Cronin.

Customers will be able to inform themselves, through Ordee, as to what venues have socially distanced space available and reduce contact by ordering and paying directly from the App. “Ordee looks after the order processing and payment too, so venues can give reassurance to their customers while focusing on great service” said Cronin.

Peace of mind will be hugely important for returning pub, restaurant and retail customers. Ordee can give customers a way to see where is safe to go now and for returning hospitality businesses, an easy way to monitor and comply with the social distancing guidelines while engaging in a positive way with new and returning customers. Also subject to approval and meeting criteria from a companies local enterprise office, businesses with under 10 employees may be able to avail of a voucher funding 90% of the cost of the platform!

Visit the website www.Ordee.ie for more information or contact on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The app is available to download from the AppStore from the 30th of May with live demos via webinar for businesses commencing now.


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