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New Tablepay feature to support venues reopening in a COVID-19 world

TablepaySCNE are delighted to announce a brand new feature specifically targeted to support and facilitate the safe reopening of Restaurants and Bars amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Tablepay is a brand new addition to the app, that will allow customers to safely Order, Pay For and Receive their Food & Drink directly to their table. It comes at a time where, in a world of social distancing, contactless options have never been more prevalent and SCNE hope that in providing a safe, yet highly convenient option for customers, it will play a great role in restoring confidence and peace of mind when revisiting Waterford’s fantastic hospitality and tourism sector in the very near future. 

Similarly, this has been an extremely stressful and turbulent time for the amazing Waterford venues and in light of this, SCNE wants to help, which is why this brand new, easy-to-use, TablePay technology will be offered to all Waterford venues completely FREE of charge during the midst of this pandemic. Venues simply upload and provide their amazing existing offerings to SCNE’s system and they handle everything else. 

Jordan Casey is the 20 year old creator of SCNE: “This has obviously been an extremely turbulent and unprecedented time for everybody including all of our amazing venue partners. In attempting to make do with the time I had to reflect over the past 2 months and also in an effort to see how we could support our venues, the idea for Tablepay came about. We’ve seen huge success with these types of products on a national level previously, and we feel that now, more than ever, there is a real demand and necessity for a zero-contact solution that at the same time proves to be very convenient and could certainly help in reattracting customers.” 

Since launching in July, SCNE has amassed over 5,000 downloads from Tourists, Students andlocals alike and aims to be a primary showcase of everything happening in Waterford City.

The app has been well received, boasting over 45 partners from Restaurants, Bars,Nightclubs, Theatres, Purple Flag and even WLR, with SCNE hosting an in-app listening facility.

This growth has spread quickly, with SCNE launching in Galway in January 2020 with Cork and Limerick launches scheduled later in the new year. But WIT student Jordan has not stopped his plans in Waterford, with his native land being placed firmly at the forefront of his plans with further partnerships and integration efforts firmly in the process for the new year.

SCNE has undergone a full redesign with a tourism-centric approach and we look forward to playing an active role in reopening the bustling hospitality 

SCNE are making an active call to any local business or venue interested in learning more about this free product. Please Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Message “SCNE Waterford” on Facebook. Alternatively visit thescne.com

SCNE Have created a video outlining Tablepay's Role in Safe reopening:


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