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South East Re-Location Survey

South East Relocation Survey Launch

The South East of Ireland is a popular and increasingly sought after relocation choice for people seeking a better quality of life, standard of living and increased disposable income.

In IDA client companies alone, there was a 9.2% increase in employment in the South East Region during 2017 - the highest growth rate of any region in Ireland, including Dublin.

South East Relocation Survey Launch Report

The reason Collins McNicholas carried out the relocation survey was to gain an insight into the specific motivations of the numbers of professionals who have relocated and to gain a better understanding of the quality of life and career impact since making this transition.

We surveyed 288 people who have relocated to the region and are currently working in the South East area. The results showed that 33% of those surveyed relocated to the South East from outside of Ireland highlighting the increasing attractiveness of the region. 76% of professionals have seen an increase in their disposable income and 95% reported having an improved work/life balance since relocating. 86% of respondents reported their commute to be under 40 minutes and 75% considered rental prices to be lower in the South East than those lived in prior to relocation.

The results are showing that a much improved quality of life, increased spending power and progressive career opportunities are reasons why many highly-educated professionals have been making the move to the sunny South East.

A full electronic copy of the Survey can be downloaded here:



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