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‘South East Broken Hearts' Protest for Cardiac Care

A protest against the ongoing lack of 24/7 cardiac care is being organised for Saturday, 19th January starting from The Glen, Waterford at 2.00pm, to travel down Bridge Street, The Quay and finishing at John Roberts Square.

Cardiac Campaign groups HEFSE, 24/7 Cardiac Care for the South East and the South East Patient Advocacy Group (SEPAG) together with Waterford Council of Trade Unions are calling on all citizens in the south east to once again put their "Feet on the Street" in support of the ongoing campaign to deliver a comprehensive 24/7 cardiac care service at UHW and health equality for the South East region.

Discrimination continues for those accessing cardiac health services in the South East region. In 6 years and 2 Government administrations nothing has changed beyond delivery of an additional Cath Lab to Dublin to bring their total to 21units while mandating the south east region continues to suffer single lab access and a 39 hrs per week service!

Despite recent promises, no official order from the Department of Health, the Minister or the HSE has been made or enacted to increase cardiac access or implement 24/7 cardiac care at UHW. The recently published 2019-2020 HSE Capital Service Plan contains no budgetary provision for enhancement of cardiac services at University Hospital Waterford and neither is there provision in it to expand the services of the contract cath lab on-site at UHW to address the longest cardiac stenting list in the country!

The "South East Broken Hearts" campaign is calling for the delivery of regional 24/7 cardiac care and the immediate ending of "patient abuse" where cardiac patients undergoing a diagnostic procedure in the contracted modular cath lab at UHW are being denied follow-on invasive therapy where disease is identified and treatable!

We are asking for your support on January 19th to make Government hear our call! We also propose to take a clear message for health equality from the people of the south east to Dublin as a next step in March 2019!

Join with us on the 19th of January and let those entrusted with the care and protection of our lives and those of our loved ones know that we as citizens of this region will not ‘stand down’ until an end to patient abuse and our right to equal healthcare and 24/7 cardiac care in this region has been delivered!

We would ask people to please ‘Join us’ at The Glen on Saturday, 19th January at 1.45pm as the march is scheduled to begin at 2.00pm.


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