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Promotion of Water-saving buttons amongst business community

St Joseph Benildus parish

St Joseph & Benildus parish is promoting partnership with Ishiara parish, in a poor, rural part of Kenya north-east of Nairobi. Both areas are affected by Climate Change but with different consequences.

In 2018 Ireland suffered the most serious drought in over 50 years and many of our reservoirs are still not replenished.

Ishiara suffer on an on-going basis from not being able to store any rainwater for irrigating their crops which hampers their subsistence farming and hence they often suffer food shortages. As a partnership we hope to raise some funds to help them build a “sand-dam” to retain water for their area.

One of our initiatives is related to water-saving here in Waterford.

The above flyer describes a very inexpensive water-saving button can than be added to many older toilet cisterns, to significantly reduce the flush volume for “liquid waste”. Hence the tag-line “Save 2 cent every time you spend a penny!”. Any business that pays commercial rates for water can save about €50 per employee per annum. Cost of the button is €20 so the payback is short. The installation is extremely simple.

To Order:

Contact Parish Secretary, St. Joseph & St. Benildus Parish Centre, Newtown, Waterford
Tel: 051-878977   (10am-1pm)   Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

All major credit/debit cards accepted.

€20 each or 2 buttons for €35   (over 50% of the proceeds goes directly towards the Ishiara Project).

“FastForm installed several Mecon water-saving buttons over 4 years ago and they are working without a problem ever since”, David Sheehan, CEO, FastForm Research Ltd.

“We installed the water-saving button in our dental clinic recently and it was well received by everyone”  Dr. Gus Papathomas, Williamstown Dental Centre.


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